Studio Series™ Accelerators

Advanced courses to push your creative company forward, faster.

Like getting an MBA in running a creative company.

Not information. Transformation.

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New courses each quarter
1-day to 12-week programs
Paired with peer group and RevThink guide
Exclusively for studios and production companies

To accelerate your company's progress, enroll in a Studio Series™ accelerator.

These courses are intense. But knowing these programs have produced transformation for hundreds of studios and production companies like yours (see below), you can be confident it's worth the investment.

Dive into advanced concepts, pair with a RevThink Advisor and/or collaborate with your peers, and commit to improving your business.

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Perhaps you're wondering, "I'd love to dive deep with RevThink, where should we start?" The answer is Studio Series™ accelerator courses.

We're so excited to unleash our Fall 2023 lineup, especially the new Derail the Pitch and The Factors Method.

Questions? Feel free to DM us inside the community.

Q3 2023
Enrollment closed
with Joel Pilger and Matt Taylor
Finally unleash your studio's potential. 12 weeks is all it takes to kick your business into overdrive.
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Derail the Pitch™
with Joel Pilger
Win more high stakes RFPs, RFQs, tenders, and pitches. Never again be the dreaded "third bid."
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RevThink Production Method
with Tim Thompson
Determine your pricing, manage costs, and produce your best work.
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6to7™ Summit
with Joel Pilger & Joe Nash
Beyond 6-figure projects to 7-figure accounts. Learn the biz dev strategies behind the industry’s top studios.
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RevThink helped our total revenue increase by 900%, most of which came from new international clients.

Felippe Silveira, Co-Founder at Mowe Studio

It was amazing to jumpstart my business... calculating The Splits, making a Production Rollup, and overall just making me way more confident.

Dustin Schultz, EP & Founder at Union Productions

Listen to Joel Pilger. We repositioned under his guidance and it changed our success rate dramatically for the better.

PJ Richardson, ECD & Co-Founder at Laundry

Negotiating our very next project we were able to double our prices. Our ROI was immediate.

Marc Colomines, Creative Director at