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Tim Thompson
Chief Revolution Thinker

RevThink founder. Production mastermind behind much-heralded Seven film title sequence.

Circa 2005 known as "The Fixer" able to make any creative company profitable. Factors Method inventor.

Unendingly generous, the OG inspired to "rev" everyone's thinking.

Jason Fletcher

20+ years as a sales, marketing, and finance leader spanning a variety of industries.

Known for his ability to translate the story that finances are telling within creative businesses.

The expert resource for helping identify pain points, reduce unnecessary costs, and strategically defining budgets.

Matt Taylor
Advisor - APAC

Studio owner turned consultant turned creative business advisor.

Serial creative entrepreneur. Founded Sixty40 and The Explainers, which were acquired by Deloitte.

Based in Sydney, serving clients worldwide and proudly representing RevThink in the APAC region.

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