Accelerator Kicks off June 24th.

Foundations Accelerator

Business practices from the ground up in 6 weeks.

Accelerator begins June 24th.

The structure for small studios to grow into a thriving business.


Tim Thompson understands this journey well. As a founding member of Imaginary Forces, he produced iconic title sequences like Se7en and later built the operational backbone of Trailer Park.

With 18 years of experience at RevThink, Tim has guided nearly 500 of the world's leading creative firms.

The classic accelerator
Learn the fundamentals of Production, Finance, and Sales.
Led by Tim Thompson, Founder of RevThink
Supportive peer and alumni group

As a studio owner and leader, you've accomplished a lot. Yet, despite your success, you know there's untapped potential in your studio.

Now, Tim brings you Foundations, a comprehensive 6-week course designed to teach the crucial systems and routines for business success. This course covers the foundational elements of Production, Sales, and Finance, equipping you with the knowledge to transform your studio.


Is Your Studio Ready?

With Foundations, you'll gain insights and tools to secure better clients, increase budgets, and deliver award-winning work. This course offers the chance to implement proven strategies and elevate your studio to new levels of excellence.

More than 3 years in business
Generating USD 300K-1.5M per year
Tired of making it up as you go
Ready to make rapid improvements

Find out if your studio is ready.
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The Build Out

WEEK 1 - entrepreneurship

Leadership and Leading

When its time, it has to be ready.

Begining with the foundation of decision making, we build out systems and routines by collecting the dots and then connecting the dots.

WEEK 2 - Production

Dealing with the Future

Your studio needs to be build to sustain industry earthquakes.

The foundation of your success depends on the working pipeline that can handle the unexpected and still make margin, everytime.

WEEKL 3 - Creative and marketing

Finding your Niche

Being Seen without Trade-offs

All creative firms are unique, your studio has to stand out to qualify for projects with the best of them. Getting the word out and becoming known for your speciality is future proofing your studio from the competition.

WEEK 4 - Sales and Marketing

Qualify the Leads

Know the limits of a successful project before you say "yes" to the bid.  

The client has clear parameters for the project before they reach out to you. Do you know your own limits to make sure you can deliver on time and on budget?

WEEK 5 - Finance

Know your Price

Others are charging more, why can't you do the same?

Selling yourself short not only hurts your studio, it hurts the project and your ability to deliver the best work. Calculating and presenting the correct price is essential for successful outcomes.

WEEK 6 - entrepreneurship

Don't Look Back

Confidence in your own sytems and methods removes doubt and lays the path forward.

Now it's your turn to decide what is right for you studio in order to get the best work, with the best clients and no longer wonder if you're qualified.  

Enrollment Options


$5K USD*
Payment Plans and Country Discounts Available - Please Inquire
Live workshops with RevThink and a Core Group of your peers.
Limited to 20 seats.
6x Live Weekly Workshops
Replays of Weekly Workshops
Lifetime access


$7K USD*
Payment Plans and Country Discounts Available - Please Inquire
Maximize your transformation with personalized guidance.
Limited to 3 seats.
Includes CORE GROUP plus:
3x Private Sessions with Advisors Tim Thompson or Matt Taylor*
RevThink Strength Builder Assessment upon Completion

*Asia Pacific class led by Matt Taylor.
RevThink accelerators are guaranteed, if you're not a fit simply request a refund.