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The OG rev.

Tim Thompson's vision and leadership have established RevThink as the industry’s leading supporter of creative entrepreneurs. Renowned for sharing his practical wisdom, resources, and industry best practices, he provides valuable management tools and sage advice through advising, writing, podcasting (RevThinking), and speaking.

Following his tenure at Imaginary Forces (cat herding such heralded projects as the SE7EN title sequence), Tim started helping friends who were running top studios... but struggling to master the business side.

Curious why conventional business wisdom wasn't working, Tim set about inventing a methodology specifically designed for creative businesses.

It worked. And RevThinking was born in 2006.

Tim's key concepts like The 7 Ingredients, The Entrepreneurial Formula, and The Four Stages of a Creative Career have contributed to the RevCommunity, of over 600 creative business owners across 60 countries.

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The mission.

RevThink remains focused on teaching the revolutionary business methods that unleash the creative awesomeness of every studio on the planet.

Welcome, creative leader. Now you're thinking. And we can't wait to see what you'll create next.

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