Finally unleash your studio's full potential.

12 weeks is all it takes to kick your studio into overdrive.

The classic 12-week accelerator
Weekly workshops led by Joel Pilger
Accountability via peer group and 1-on-1 Advisor
In as little as 1 hour per week

You have achieved much. But despite all that progress, you know your studio is capable of much more. Sometimes you feel stuck:

"How does everyone else do it?"

Enter Joel Pilger, who helmed Impossible Pictures. In his first 7 years, he was also in making-it-up-as-you-go mode... and his business got stuck. Frustrated, he underwent a mindset shift which transformed his studio to seize better clients, bigger budgets, and annual sales of $5M producing national, award-winning work.

In Jumpstart, that same shift is now available to you.


What You Will Learn


Know When to Say Yes

You are stuck saying yes to everything that comes your way. But which opportunities most move you forward?

We start our journey with an elegant framework so you can quickly know what's a win vs. what keeps holding you back.


Do What You Love

You're always in "owner overload," and it never stops. How can you simplify yet while creating even bigger results?

You know you need to focus, so let's identify what you will focus on... and how to delegate everything else.

Week 3 - qualifyING

Stop Wasting Time on Proposals

So many bids and proposals are a waste of time. How can you skip the kabuki and just land more projects?

Deploy a simple 4-step process that will save you time, generate more wins, and establish your studio as the expert.

Week 4 - PRICING

Double Your Prices

Raising your rates terrifies you. What if you had the guts to charge premium prices and win top-dollar deals?

Prepare to unlearn what you've learned so you can employ the outputs-based pricing method that surprisingly increases your revenue.

Week 5 - LEADING

Take Charge

You're tired of being treated as order-takers. How can you flip the script and make clients see your studio as the expert?

Learn the natural conversation that resets how clients perceive you, so you can lead them to better outcomes (and bigger budgets).


Run a Mini-Monopoly

The competition is fierce. How can your studio stand out from the crowd?

Stop stumbling over your About Us and start carving out the message of what makes your company so special.


Put It Into Practice

You had many "a ha!" moments. Now go the last mile and put these concepts into practice.

The second half of Jumpstart consists of six full weeks working with your personal Advisor helping you implement all you've learned.

Enrollment Options


Jumpstart Core

Just the modules and worksheets, no live interaction.

Commitment: 1 hour per week.
Jumpstart modules & worksheets
Sold Out

Jumpstart Classic

$7.5K USD*
The classic accelerator with live group workshops plus weekly Advisor calls.

Commitment: 2 hours per week.
Jumpstart modules & worksheets
6 x workshops led by Joel Pilger
6 x private implementation sessions with Advisor
Sold OutSold Out

Jumpstart Elite

$9K USD*
The Classic program plus 1-on-1 time with top consultant for maximum transformation.

Commitment: 2-3 hours per week.
Jumpstart modules & worksheets
6 x workshops led by Joel Pilger
6 x private implementation sessions with Joel Pilger
Coming Soon

Lifetime access included. *Discounted single-payment price. Additional discounts for WBE, DEI, and non-US/Canada studios available, please inquire. RevThink accelerators are guaranteed, if you're not a fit simply request a refund. Details subject to change.

Amazingly after Jumpstart, in just one year our total revenue increased by 900%.

Felippe Silveira, Co-Founder at Mowe Studio

If you are on the fence, Jumpstart is the single most beneficial workshop that I have ever done for my business. Put the time in, you will not be disappointed.

Ed Rhine,Owner & ECD Spillt

I'm busy building a time machine so I can and go back and take this class five years ago. It's THAT good! You'll never be the same.

Patrick Mallek, Founder at Mighty Fudge Studios

The number of eye-opening "ohhh I get it now, that makes so much sense!" moments is off the charts. It's all solid, practical, implementable stuff.

Henry Baker, Agent & Producer at Great Friends

Not only did we go from $25-50K budgets to winning multiple six-figure projects, Ryval Studios now stands out from the competition in ways it never did before, much of which I have to credit to Joel and Jumpstart.

Jon Morgan, EP at Ryval Studios

I kid you not, the best thing that Jumpstart gave us was knowing our worth, planning for our future, and reaffirming why we started a business: to build a better life and attain our dreams.

Nico Puertollano, Co-Owner & ECD at Rezonate

If you start implementing everything you're learning right away - you're going to crush it. Because you will have all the right tools to grow your studio!

Valentin Priilevschi, Founder & CEO at Brazilero Studio

Jumpstart was the secret sauce for us.

Guy Allen, CD & Co-Founder at First Fight

I've recommended Jumpstart to many, whether you're an owner of a small company or ready to make the jump into something bigger.

Stefan Green, EP at Ordinary Folk