Derail the Pitch™

Your creative is only half the reason you win.

Win more high stakes RFPs, RFQs, tenders, and pitches. Never again be the dreaded third bid.

12-week accelerator course
32 mindset-shifting modules
Weekly workshops with Joel Pilger
Supportive peer group
In as little as 1 hour per week

You say you hate pitching. But you don't hate pitching, you hate losing.

Do you think you lose because your ideas aren’t good enough? Think again. Maybe you were just always the dreaded third bid.

Instead of hoping (only later feeling taken advantage of), let's introduce you to the real high-stakes ($100K-1M) game you're playing.

Let's teach you how to influence every step of the process, know where you stand, unleash your greatest creative... and win.

Let's Derail the Pitch.


What You Will Learn


The Game Has Changed

Low-ticket pitching vs. high-ticket pitching: what's the difference? Are you falling prey to the Pitching Myths?

Discover the Three Streams, why you must be the favorite, and the hard-learned lesson of Red Flags vs. Green Lights.

Week 3 - long before the invitation

Before the Client Calls

Far in advance of your next big pitch opportunity, why must you take radical responsibility?

Be tough on yourself, even though it hurts. Get ready to step Into the Expert Mindset and run your last failed pitch through the Winning / Losing Calculator.


Your Phone Rings

The game is afoot: you've been invited you into a high stakes pitch! Unlike last time, don't get off on the wrong foot.

This is where you'll learn why you don't come in cold, don’t start on the wrong foot, and don't ever forget to ask why.


Not So Fast

Are you the dreaded third bid?

Start confirming that you are the favorite, stop being helpful. Don't meet their deadline, don't pitch on a fake project, and don't accept their pitch fee.


How Much Do They Want You?

As the pitch process moves forward, what are your chances of winning?

Here you will learn how to gain important concessions by not giving them what they want, not guessing their budget, and not fighting unknown enemies.


Decide: Pitch or Punt

Should you go all in? Or pass?

Now you know if the pitch is yours to win or yours to lose... so you can move forward accordingly.

Week 7 (CON'T)

Gain the Inside Track

What is the best way to get the client invested in your ideas?

Master the insider move that is the single biggest key to clinching the win.

Week 8 - Your Pitch Presentation

Showtime: The Big Reveal

The big moment is here, how do you set the stage and crush it?

Side step the competition by not sending your deck, and definitely by not dealing with underlings.

Week 9 - After Your Presentation

Time to Relax...

You pitched your amazing creative! Take a breather...

Not so fast. Your best work is not yet done.

Week 9 (CON'T)

You Won or Lost

You won (congrats!) or you lost (bummer). Now what?

You're in it for the long game. Regardless of whether you win or lose the job, learn how to always win the client.

week 10 - Long After the Award

Follow Up

The pitch is far in the rearview mirror. Are you waiting to pitch again?

Don't pitch again. Think again. Seize this unique moment to derail future pitches and secure a direct award.

Week 11/12 - Bringing It All Together

The Wisdom of Your Peers

Tap into personal anecdotes and real-world guidance from industry leaders Steve Viola at FX, Erin Sarofsky at Sarofsky, PJ Richardson at Laundry, Mitch Monson at Sibling Rivalry, Jeremy Dimmock at Polyester, Ryan Summers at Spillt, Justin Barnes at Versus, and more.


In my early years at the helm of Impossible Pictures, we won pitches. Yes! But when the stakes got higher, we kept losing.

Dejected, I decided to test a radical new method: to be less helpful (say what?) and to be more expert.

Was it easy? No. Did it work? Yes. We doubled our pitch win ratio. Finally, I understood what it really takes to win enviable 6 and 7-figure projects.

I'd love to teach you the method! Together, let's Derail the Pitch.

Enrollment Options


Newbie Derailer

Just the modules (no live component).

Time commitment: 1 hour per week.
32 x bite-sized modules
Sold Out

Pro Derailer

$7.5K USD*
Learn the concepts and apply them in live group workshops.

Time commitment: 2 hours per week.
32 x bite-sized modules
12 x group workshops led by Joel Pilger
Sold Out

Master Derailer

$15K USD
Top consultant personally comes alongside.

Time commitment: 2 hours per week plus 6 x 1 private sessions (bankable).
32 x bite-sized modules
12 x group workshops led by Joel Pilger
6 x private sessions with Joel Pilger helping you win an actual pitch
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Includes lifetime access to curriculum. *Discounted single-payment price. Additional discounts for WBE, DEI, and non-US/Canada studios available, please inquire. RevThink accelerators are guaranteed, if you're not a fit simply request a refund. Details subject to change.