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“SHOWTIME.” – Mr. Incredible

You are now enrolled in JUMPSTART™ by RevThink.

The journey of the creative entrepreneur is not an easy one. But together, I’m confident we can propel your creative firm to the next level. I applaud your dedication, ambition, and commitment to continue learning and growing in JUMPSTART.

To help you get started right away, please read the information below.

I look forward to meeting you in the Facebook group!


Watch for an email from my team confirming your order along with next steps:

1. Start thinking about the #1 OUTCOME you hope to achieve in the program.
2. Request access to the private JUMPSTART™ group on Facebook. No need to wait, you can do this immediately.
3. Watch for your login information to view the Modules.


JUMPSTART™ is designed as an intensive 10-week program to help you achieve maximum results. We will follow this routine (except during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks when we will take a break):

Mondays at 11am Mountain Time:
Live Mentoring Module (60 minutes)
Thursdays at 11am Mountain Time:
 Live Weekly Q&A Session (60 minutes)
In addition to these times, expect up to 30 minutes of homework.

If you miss either of the live broadcasts, don’t worry. They will be posted in the Facebook group for you to watch at your convenience. However, I strongly encourage you not to fall behind!


As we move through the program, you will have many questions. Please ask them! How? Post your questions to the private Facebook group (yes, it is a private, closed group so anything you share is kept strictly confident) so that your fellow members can see my responses as well as comment themselves.

Exception: if you have a question related to membership, billing or need technical support, please contact my team at [email protected].