[Diagram] Seven Ingredients of a Creative Firm™

This diagram reveals the #1 reason most creative firm owners can’t sleep. It turns out, there are seven of them.

We often refer to the Seven Ingredients of a Creative Firm™ as “the 2 A.M. issues every owner faces” – because failing in just one of these areas can kill your business. Mastering all seven of them is what keeps us entrepreneurs up at night.

Remember the day when you realized you were brilliant at Creative (The Work) (design, directing, branding, etc.) and you decided to launch your own creative firm? Little did you know Creative (The Work) is just one ingredient out of seven. All other areas being equal, Creative (The Work) represents about 15% of what it actually takes to run a creative business.

The diagram above is a massive simplification of something we affectionately refer to as “The Insanity Diagram,” which appears below. Drawing upon decades of experience and wisdom running creative firms, team RevThink explored the seven areas, each with its corresponding goals, strategies, routines as well as the myriad connections. One glance at the resulting diagram reveals the complexities involved in running a successful creative firm:


No wonder so many owners struggle.

The good news, your firm can master the strategies and apply existing wisdom to position your firm for the journey ahead. So although you cannot master them all yourself, you can recruit experts who possess genius in each of the seven areas. Building your large open network and curating your team is the #1 predictor of success.