The conference focused on the business of running your motion, animation, audio, or production company.

Join your fellow creative business owners in Amsterdam for this intimate 2-day event to embrace fresh insights, gain uncommon perspectives, and implement revolutionary practices in your creative business.


Studio, agency, or production company owners and principals asking:

  • How can positioning and marketing help us win better clients with bigger budgets?
  • What sales techniques can empower my firm to escape the commodity services trap?
  • Which best practices can agencies embrace together to strengthen our industry?
  • What are the trends that will most impact my business in 2018 and beyond?
Creative is easy. Business is hard.

Creative is easy. Business is hard.

Spark a revolution at your creative company.


Day 1: Business Intelligence Briefings

A private 75-minute Briefing with RevThink consultants.* 

If desired, meet one-on-one with RevThink consultants Joel Pilger and/or Tim Thompson the day before the conference. This is a special opportunity for you to present your unique business challenges then discuss the specific strategies to move you towards your 2018 goals.

* Business Intelligence Briefings are optional: available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Private Business Intelligence Briefing

Private Business Intelligence Briefing

Meet one-on-one with RevThink consultants.

Day 2: Conference

Join an intimate gathering of your peers for a candid day of revolutionary concepts, insights, and best practices to accelerate your creative business in 2018.

10:00 The Differences Between Good and Great Creative Firms

Two decades ago, great creative firms became great by simply producing great work. Today, the rules have changed: your firm produces great work yet struggles as a business. So what are the ingredients which separate good firms which merely survive from great firms that truly thrive? Learn “The 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm” and how they can be implemented in your creative business.

Keynote Speaker: Tim Thompson, Chief Revolution Thinker at /REVTHINK/

14:30 It’s Not WHAT You Pitch, It’s HOW

As creatives, we are infatuated with the popular myth that the best creative always wins. In reality, creative firms win because of HOW they pitch, not WHAT they pitch. Learn how embracing a set of counterintuitive pitch practices can greatly increase your odds of winning more, while losing less.

Speaker: Joel Pilger, Consultant at /REVTHINK/

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 Four Pitching Best Practices You Aren’t Practicing

We all have strong opinions about why we won our last pitch… or why we lost. But have you ever tested your theories against reality? Instead of trying to read your clients’ minds, learn how their decisions to award are really made. The answers will surprise you. And empower you to elevate your pitch game to the next level.

Marko Pfann, Consultant to design studios
Joel Pilger, Consultant at /REVTHINK/

16:00 Breaking Into New Markets

You want to break into new markets – broadcast, entertainment, advertising, or brand-direct – but how? You want to expand into new countries – maybe even the US – but where do you start? Using the entertainment industry as our example, we will examine how top firms break into new markets. Added bonus: you will walk away fully prepared for the upcoming PromaxBDA conference in Rome.


Tim Thompson, Chief Revolution Thinker at /REVTHINK/
Joel Pilger, Consultant at /REVTHINK/

17:30 Q&A Discussion

18:30 Offsite Networking Reception

End the day by connecting with your fellow attendees and speakers as we raise a glass and mingle with new friends and old colleagues.



Revolutionary concepts, insights, and best practices.




Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a key launchpad into the European market, Amsterdam has a stable business climate, diverse talent pool, entrepreneurial mindset, and a work-life balance that is among the best on the planet. Amsterdam boasts a thriving business ecosystem alongside cutting-edge startups, international corporations, social entrepreneurs and award-winning innovation.

THE STUDIO venue details:

• Amsterdam South location
• Near the Vondelpark
• Lounge area for break-outs
• Directly at the A10, exit S107 with ample parking
• Tram 1, 2 (CS), 16 (VU), and bus 15 (Sloterdijk), 62 (Lelylaan)




RevThink is the industry leading, US-based consultancy which advises more than 100 studios, agencies, and production companies based in 18 countries around the world.

The RevThink portfolio of firms represents more than $100MM of global production in advertising, broadcast, entertainment, programming and themed attractions. With clients including Alkemy Xand companyBigstarCause + EffectLaundrySTATE Design, and Trollbäck + Company, their expertise and perspective is unparalleled in the industry.



Joel Pilger is a RevThink consultant known for his thought leadership in Marketing, Positioning, and Sales. Among his innovations are the popular concepts of The Three P’s of PositioningSeasons of the Creative Firmand It’s Not WHAT You Pitch, It’s HOW.

As the former owner of the highly successful Impossible Pictures over 20 years, Joel now advises leading studios in the US as well as dozens of firms around the world through his JUMPSTART™ accelerator.

In addition to curating the RevThinking podcast and blog, Joel is the co-founder of PromaxBDA Creative Entrepreneurs and volunteers at several universities in the US. He has authored articles in Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Post Perspectives andPromaxBDA Brief magazines.


Tim Thompson is Founder and Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink. His vision and drive has grown RevThink to become the industry’s leading consultancy for creative entrepreneurs. His inventions include Fame / Fortune / FreedomThe Entrepreneurial Formula and Four Stages of a Creative Career.

Leveraging decades of experience (he was among the small contingency who founded Imaginary Forces and created the industry-defining SE7EN title sequence), Tim is known for his practical wisdom, acquired resources, and industry-leading best practices which he generously shares through engagements, writings, podcasts, and conferences.

Tim is known for advising creative entrepreneurs to develop, manage, and build opportunities to accelerate the growth and valuation of their businesses.


Marko Pfann branded more than 60 TV stations in the past 15 years and received over 20 industry awards for his work.

As a former studio owner, Marko learned what great clients expect from top agencies. His studio served as the lead agency for Germany’s #1 national tv-station and also assisted the Astro TV Group in Malaysia to undertake a major rebrand with 50+ television channels.

As a consultant, Marko outlines Marketing and Sales to both designers and studio owners alike. Most importantly, he teaches a process which wins more pitches, better clients, and bigger budgets.

Marko has spent the last two years as consultant and creative director on the global launch of Red Bull TV.



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