Beyond Resolutions to Revolutions – Part Two

Seven Revolutions

Last week we discussed things most business owners know they should be doing… but don’t. The first four were:

1. Pay Yourself First

2. Expand Your Bubble Until It Pops

3. Make Money That You Never Spend

4. Automate Your Marketing

Now let’s look at the remaining three.

5. Stop Wishing and Start Selling

Most of us think sales is a mystery, a magical skill or God-given charisma. But what actually separates good salespeople from great salespeople is process.

Stop searching for the secret formula. It’s right there in front of you in the form of a sales system. Do the Denver Broncos ever stop practicing blocking and tackling? Heck, no. And like any sport, sales is all about consistently performing the fundamentals while being held accountable to a high standard.

Sales: consistently performing the fundamentals while being held accountable to a high standard. Click To Tweet

Making this revolution is to stop wishing and start selling. Implement a sales system in 2016.

6. Treat Your Core Team Like Family and Everyone Else Like Friends

Do you have a goal to grow your business in 2016? Great. When you land those new clients, you will hire new staff to meet the increased capacity, right? Great. But long before then, ask yourself: when a client goes away, how will I adapt and scale? Who will I let go?

The more critical question is – no matter how busy or slow your business gets – who will I keep on payroll, no matter what? 

Obviously, your list will include yourself and your business partners. But your list will likely also include key roles such as your Executive Producer (driving your firm’s sales) and top creatives (driving your firm’s creative soul or aesthetic). This is your firm’s only real asset, what RevThink calls your core team. Identify who comprises your core team so you can protect that asset… and invest in it further.

Culturally speaking, treat your core team like family. Treat everyone else like friends. Click To Tweet

How? Culturally speaking, treat your core team like family. Treat everyone else like friends. Start this revolution in 2016 and gradually over time your firm will become known for its core team… and be highly sought after because of it.

7. Forget About Productivity

As a busy entrepreneur, your time gets increasingly sliced into thinner and thinner chunks as your business grows and all the responsibilities roll uphill. As tempted as you may be to try the latest productivity hack, time management trick or nifty app, don’t waste your precious time chasing the latest fad.

Instead, identify your genius and dedicate focused time to it. How?

Write down all the activities you do running your business. Pick the top 3 activities that you love doing, energize you and generate the biggest results for your business. That’s where your genius lies.

Set aside complete days to focus on your genius. Delegate everything else. Click To Tweet

The revolution goes like this: set aside complete days to focus on your genius. Delegate everything else. This practice is deceptively simple but the implications are profound. Commit to doing this in 2016 and by this time next year, you will be amazed by the results.

Welcome to the Next Level

Putting these Seven Revolutions into practice will have enormous impact on your business – and therefore, your personal life – in 2016. Let me know how it goes.

When you need help making it happen, please get in touch.

Let’s create the future.



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